Remembering the Filipino Workers Who Jump Started Cesar Chavez and the UFW

Fifty years ago this week, Filipino grape pickers in the Central Valley walked off the fields to protest low wages and poor working conditions. Shortly thereafter, Cesar Chavez and 1,200 Mexican laborers joined their ranks.[…]

Human Rights Watch: Philippine Children Mining Gold in Horrific Conditions

Human Rights Watch today released a new report and video about Philippine children who dig and dive for gold in dangerous small-scale mines. Believe me, we understand “hanap buhay” …. but this is heartbreaking.

Red Cross Report: How to Make a Reinforced Native Style Home for P20,000 Materials Cost

A Red Cross report entitled: “Shelter Report 2015: Philippine Typhoon Haiyan Response” provides detailed instructions including cost for making a reinforced coco lumber and sawali native style dwelling for about P30,000 in materials.  What makes[…]

Video: An Early Morning Walk Through the Seaside Barrio of San Miguel, Balangiga

A beautiful before-the-storm video by Gloria B. Sommer of an early morning walk through the seaside barangay of San Miguel in Balangiga, Eastern Samar.  Moreso than most videos like this — this one really makes[…]

Here’s How to Read DAUGHTER OF SAMAR here on the website

There are two ways to read Daughter of Samar here on the site. First, you can click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the blog, and it will reveal a menu[…]

Geny Toribio’s Spectacular Photos of the Philippines on Google +

Fantastic photos of the Philippines by Geny Toribio — click on the image below to go to his Google + Gallery. You won’t be disappointed.  

A Library in Tacloban for Haiyan Survivors

A group of friends who call themselves “Unlifriends” opened a library in Tacloban City last week under a private initiative, funded personally and with donations from friends from Singapore. The group wants to open more[…]

Balangiga September 28, 1901 : A Heroic Uprising is remembered in the Philippines, ignored in America

For Filipinos, the  Balangiga Massacre (or Uprising, or Encounter, take your pick) on September 28, 1901, was a heroic explosion of pent-up resentment; a repudiation of a hated foreign occupier, perhaps even an assertion of nationhood. In America,[…]

Warriors of Samar by Michael Sellers on Amazon

A Microhistory of the event known historically as the Balangiga Massacre that asks the question — was this a massacre? And of so, of whom? The American Company C, Ninth U.S. Infantry, occupied the Philippine[…]

Hang the Dogs by Bob Couttie on Amazon

As America’s first brutal war in Asia winds down a US Infantry Company is almost wiped out on the island of Samar. The Balangiga Massacre seemed to be the 9/11 of its day leading to[…]