Video: An Early Morning Walk Through the Seaside Barrio of San Miguel, Balangiga

A beautiful before-the-storm video by Gloria B. Sommer of an early morning walk through the seaside barangay of San Miguel in Balangiga, Eastern Samar.  Moreso than most videos like this — this one really makes you feel like you’re there.   Interesting, and sad when you think about the boats, the barangay, and what Yolanda did to it.  Hopefully it can be like this one day again.   

by Gloria B. Sommer via YouTube

About the Video
During summer vacation in April I visited my mother’s home town. My family lives in the commercial center of the town close to its shops, schools ect…

I asked my cousins to take me to the barangay where the fisher-folk live, since I love seafood but had no idea where in this town the same comes from. I was also hoping to get some good shots but eventually I ended up taking videos.
I have family in Europe who have never seen their parent’s home town, so I decided to post this on youtube to share with but anyone watching this can see and learn something about a different way of life.

And here are some before and after pictures that Gloria put together.  You can see more on Gloria Sommer Facebook Page

Barrio San Miguel Before After

San Mig 2



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